Growing up, I’ve always been taught that the vulva was seen as sacred but dirty at the same time. It was a gift that was only to be unwrapped by a husband and that, if you didn’t save it for him or you decided to please her on your own, you were a whore. There was no winning.

I dealt with a terrible breakup, and in response, my vulva lost its value. I lost my value. I allowed her to be abused, used, hurt, and gave her away to those undeserving. I felt unworthy of having real love and affection.nIt wasn’t until I began finding myself again that I realized my vulva’s worth. She was beautiful. I was beautiful. And she was deserving of the best. I decided to celebrate her and her loveliness, and I know now that she is nothing to be ashamed of. She is loved by the man who loves me madly, and she’s come a long way. She has created life, strengthened love, and made me a new woman. She is Kia B.