Thank you for taking the time to enter my Lovely Vulva. Please don’t hesitate to take a look around.
A couple of points about the Vulva Love Lovely Philosophy:
*Love your Vagina
*Love the Vaginas you meet
*Foster understanding and appreciation of Vagina
*Be happy with your Vagina
*Give back to the Vagina.


All payments are made through PayPal. We are able to process credit cards in the studio along with a small processing fee. Thank you for your purchases!


*Please ensure that the address used at checkout matches your PayPal shipping address. If the addresses do not match I will use the address entered via PayPal unless you request otherwise via E-MAIL or note directly on paypal payment, since this is the only way we can track shipment and be covered by PayPal seller protection*

Because we are a small woman owned business run by 2 vulvalicious ladies, orders within the U.S. may take 2.5 weeks to arrive. Please be patient with us and if you need your order sooner than that just e-mail us and let us know.

Orders outside of the US: As a result of custom holds we cannot give you an exact arrival estimate. Generally your order will take 3-4 weeks to arrive.


*All pendants will be shipped with care instructions. Your pendant is guaranteed for 90 days so long as these care instructions are followed. Should anything happen to your pendant in that time that is not a result of the care instructions not being followed we are more than happy to repair the piece at no cost.

Should something happen to your pendant after 90 days, or because the care instructions were not followed (ex: something heavy was set accidentally on top of the pendant) we are still happy to repair the piece. Repairs are $5 for each pendant, plus $3.99 for shipping back to you {$4.99 outside of the U.S.}
All orders are shipped either by regular first class mail or parcel post. If you would like to upgrade to priority or express mail I am more than happy to do that for you, simply send me a message before you purchase and I will update the shipping price.

We try to recycle as many boxes as possible, so you may receive your item in a recycled box.

**Please note that our packaging has our logo and url stamped onto it.***

Refunds and Exchanges

All sales are final.

If your item is somehow defective or flawed, please contact me with photos within 7 days of receipt and I will work with you to resolve the problem.
Please note that by nature my work is not perfect and will vary from piece to piece, part of what makes handmade items so beautiful and unique.

Orders within the US: if your package does not arrive within 4 weeks after the shipping date a new item will be sent to you free of charge and your shipping cost will be refunded.

International orders: if your package does not arrive within 6 weeks after the shipping date a new item will be sent to you free of charge and your shipping cost will be refunded.

Custom Orders: (all portrait pendants and custom invoiced items)
Production time varies depending on the time of the year. On average custom orders will take between 8-10 weeks to create. Our artist will get as much info from you regarding your custom order as possible to try and get a clear idea of what it is you want.  That being said as the artist I cannot guarantee my understanding of what you are looking for will be the same as the piece you see in your minds-eye. I can guarantee that I will create a beautiful piece for you as close to your description as I can personally create for you.

If you have any problems with your Vulva Love Lovely purchase, please email me and I will take care of it ASAP.

Additional Policies and FAQs

Out of respect for economically oppressed Vaginas, none of the materials used to make/ship these products comes from Wal-Mart or stores affiliated with Wal-Mart.
Conversely, out of respect for all creatures that come from Vagina, all of the materials used to make these products are vegan and cruelty free.


To maintain the dignity of my pieces I reserve the right to cancel any sale that I feel is made in jest.

Custom Pieces

Most custom orders take 8-10 weeks to create but please know that, as I am the only person that can create them, if something happens in my personal life like a family loss your piece will likely take more time than that. If you are not able to work with the need for time flexibility because you are buying a gift, et c, please purchase one of our ready made pendants rather than a custom piece.

I cannot guarantee 100% satisfaction on all custom orders. I will do my best to create the most beautiful piece for you I can based on the directions you give me- but there will be times when the piece you envision is slightly different from the one I do- even if they are both from one single description. That being said it is rare that that is the case and even when it is most customers are in love with their pieces despite the fact that they are not exactly what they had envisioned. Also- if it is different than what is described in your invoice I am of course happy to re-create the piece for you at no charge.

If you are having a piece created based on photos please note that you have 2 weeks to e-mail your photos. I will e-mail you a reminder at that point and if I don’t get them then your piece¬† will be based on a randomly selected model. This is simply because when I do not have your photos at the time your piece is scheduled to go into production it causes a delay in the other custom orders in the queue and sufficiently confuses me. :)

Once you have received your invoice, overlooked it hand paid for it your custom order cannot be changed. Again this is to ensure that the custom queue does not get backed up and that you get the piece your ordered- as I truly am very easily confused.