Growing up, I was always a little different. My world always seemed a bit more left-of-center than everyone else’s. As a kid it never bothered me, but the older I got, the more apparent it became. I tried a lot of different things- I tried acting and looking as normal as possible, though it never seemed to change how people treated me. Then I tried to act as unusual and look as different as possible, and that made things even worse. No matter what I did, or who I was, things didn’t really change. It took me a long time to realize that there is not only beauty in being different, but beauty in being exactly who you are. Truthfully, I was scared of my vulva. After all that had happened, it was hard to accept that part of myself, and it was hard to face it. But once I did, I found that not only was it not scary, it was actually beautiful! When I embraced the person inside of me, instead of trying to cover her up with who I thought people wanted me to be, I finally felt complete and accepted. Because I accepted myself, things seemed to fall into place. Neither the person I am or the body I have is perfect- there are scars and flaws, both emotional and physical. But I wouldn’t be who I am without them. And that is beautiful!