A preface: With English not being her first language, Mokomo’s language skills are impressive at the least.

My name is Momoko and I thought I was a gay boy since I was around 3 to my sweet sixteen, then I started to think maybe I was a bisexual boy. Nothing wrong with this, but being born in a female body was quite frustrating: I never hated my body, but sometimes it just didn’t seem right.
I had my first menstruation at 11, and honestly I think I never stop masturbating (all small children do), but, later, discovering love and sex made me like more my lady parts.

I became a mother at 21, and I can’t stop blessing my femininity for the greatest gift of my life. I don’t like labels, but now I think that I’m a bigender person: I never stopped feeling male, but I feel also female, and I love, love, love my vulva, even if she is asymmetrical and my floppy inner labia look like the ears of a basset hound.

I still struggle in my body sometimes, but I’ve learnt to love myself.



Butterfly Metamorphosis