Frida Kahlo Uterus Plush



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Complete with uni-brow and an unyielding creative presence.

For all of you women struggling with fertility-

You are still able to create life, to be abundantly fertile- but like Frida rather than doing so with flesh you can do it with paint, pencil, photos, fabric, clay-  and just as she was no less a woman for her infertility, you are no less a woman.

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Modeled after the feminist icon and artist Frida Kahlo: this plush features a braided floral hair-do, full and serious lips, her signature uni brow, large colorful earrings, two golden necklaces and a Spanish style skirt.

• Made of soft vegan fleece
• Measures about 11 1/2″ from fallopian tube to fallopian tube.

** This item is made to order, so each plush will vary slightly.
The floral fabric used for her dress and the chain/earrings used will vary depending on available supplies **


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